Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Oklahoma Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
President's Message
Pam Brummit, MA, RD, LD

I hope you were able to attend the Spring Convention.  The committee did a fabulous job of providing us with a wide variety of presentations.  There was something for everyone.  Handouts are available on the website.

Our Legislative Day (April 7th) was a big success!  Rebecca Swisher and Misti Levya and the Legislative Committee did a great job.  It was our biggest day since we’ve started; we had over 20 members in attendance.

Last month (April) your board members got together with Marianne Smith Edge to update our strategic plan.  With Marianne’s insight, we have a strategic plan that will guide us for the next 5 years. Our goals have not changed, but our strategies have changed. Here are just a few of the strategies we will be working on:
  • We will step up promoting the RD/DTR.  We will strive to have News about the association and our members at least monthly in all major OK markets.
  • We will be identifying ways to increase our presence in social media platforms.
  • We are continuing our work in the legislative arena. We will invite legislators to our events.
  • We will strengthen our cultural competence. 
  • We will continue to increase our membership. 
  • We will expand our webinars
As we move into the new board, Amanda Jones, President Elect, will continue to share our strategic plan with you.

Thanks for allowing me to serve you as President of ODA this past year.  I believe ODA continues to move forward.  Thanks to a great board who is dedicated and worked selflessly to do an outstanding job all year.  Under the guidance of Amanda Jones, President Elect the board will continue to advance and improve our profession.   And a special thanks to Heather Engelman who has kept all of us (especially me) on track and on time.  I know that is not an easy job!!

Thank you to ODA members for completing ODA’s recent member survey!  

We received input from 186 members, and our board members were able to use your comments and ideas to create a new strategic plan for ODA.  They are very excited about putting that plan into action!  

Congratulations to Karen Funderburg!   She is the winner of our drawing for free registration to the 2011 ODA Fall Symposium!  It will be Friday, October 21st at Mercy Health Center in Oklahoma City.   We hope to see everyone there!

ODA's New Strategic Plan

Members of the ODA Board of Directors recently participated in a strategic planning workshop to assist them in creating a new focus for ODA.  With the future in mind, board members discussed what they thought ODA could do to provide value to ODA members and the state of Oklahoma.  By 2015, they would like to see:
  • Our RDs recognized as Oklahoma's  nutrition experts
  • ODA being asked to participate in other organizations' health initiatives
  • ODA membership as a "must-have" to succeed professionally
  • Recognized by legislators, state officials, and the media
By the end of the workshop, a new strategic plan was created for ODA with these goals in mind.  Now that it's in place, we need all ODA members to help achieve these goals!  The new plan will be posted on the ODA website in June.

Reimbursement Update
Karen M. Funderburg, MS, RD, LD

January brought a positive change in Medicare reimbursement.  Sections of the Affordable Care Act amended sections of the Social Security Act.  Medical Nutrition Therapy was moved to a category of preventive services for which there is no co-pay.  Medicare still only covers diabetes and chronic kidney disease but there is no out-of-pocket expense for the patients and dietitians only have one payer source. 

For more information contact Karen M. Funderburg, ODA's Reimbursement Representative, at kfunderburg@coxinet.net.

ODA at the Capitol
Misti Leyva, MS, RD, LD

Congratulations Oklahoma dietitians!  After a great deal of work from our Legislative Committee and helpful volunteers (with a special emphasis on Rebecca and Heather) we successfully held our first Legislative Day at the Capitol on April 7th!  This only added to the ongoing (4th annual) Dining at the Capitol event with which we combined.  Thanks to those of you who attended the session to hear registered lobbyist Lynne White speak on how to meet with our Congressman.  For our first ever, we are pleased to report a total of 27 attendees including RD’s, students and interns.  Following this meeting, we continued with Dining at the Capitol festivities and meetings with Legislators where our numbers of participants grew even larger.  As always, we appreciate our partnerships with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture: Farm to School, Dairy Max/Midwest Dairy, the Egg Council and the Oklahoma Fruit and Vegetable Association who served more than 300 guests at the capitol that day.

These events help us to focus on the importance of public policy in the food and nutrition field and make us aware of ways we can voice our opinions to our representatives locally and in Washington D.C.  It is imperative that lawmakers know about the significance of dietitians and that responsibility lies with each of us.  For public policy resources you can visit the ADA website www.eatright.org and click on the public policy link or contact a member of your ODA legislative team. 

Thanks again from your Legislative Committee:

Rebecca Swisher 

Misti Leyva
Cheryl Hull

Tara Conway

ODA Member Updates

Have you visited the ODA website recently to see our announcements for ODA Members Only?  Here's what you'll see:
  • Discounted Webinars from Beck Dorner
  • Kids Eat Right Affiliate Challenge - Step Up for Your State!
  • YouTube Video Features Dietetic Profession
  • Fifty Year Members Recognized at Awards Reception
  • New Statewide Initiative Promotes Health and Safety of Oklahoma's Babies
  • Spreads Nutrition Newsletter
  • new Vitamin D & Calcium Recommendations
  • Health Professionals and Educators eCommunity
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News from ADA

Are you up to date on all the news from ADA?  Here are some recent announcements:
  • Kids Eat Right Archived Webinar
  • CDR Approves "CPEU Rollover"
  • ADA 2011 Election Results
  • Announcing the Disorders of Lipid Metabolism Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline Update!
  • NEW! Online Certificate of Training Program in Restaurant Menu Labeling
  • Online Certificate of Training Program in Childhood Obesity
  • Protecting Students and Raising ADA's Online Profile
  • Kids Eat Right Affiliate Challenge-Step Up for your State!
  • Pediatric Educational Materials for ADA Members
  • Evidence-Based Practice Manager (PT)
  • New Online Program – Scope of Dietetics Practice Framework, Standards of Professional Performance
  • 2011 ADA Compensation & Benefits Survey—at No Cost to ADA Members
  • ADAF Announces Grant for Lifestyle Interventions for Childhood Overweight and Obesity Prevention
  • 14 New Individual Online Modules in CPE Corner
  • 2011-12 Diversity Leaders Program
  • Call to Action! Disaster Relief Information
  • New Member Resources from the Council on Future Practice
  • Celiac Disease and the Gluten-Free Diet
  • Food Day Planning Is Gathering Momentum
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CPE Corner

Here are the upcoming events listed on the ODA website:
  • Becky Dorner Webinars Discounted for ODA Members
  • 2011 Diabetes Management and Teaching Strategies
  • Linking Gerontology and Geriatrics: Focusing on Rural Communities
  • ODA 2011 Fall Symposium
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Members in the News

ODA members are making headlines everyday!  Here are a few that shared their news with us...

Marianne Wetherill - Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle Choices Video
Amy Warne - Native Americans and Pre-Diabetes Dilemma
Tiffany Shurtz - Mango-Curry Chicken Salad
Anna Reinwand - ADA's Living with Diabetes Event
Erica Dean - A Gift from the Heart, for Life
Lisa C. Gibson - OEDA/NEDA Walk

Visit the ODA website to read more about these and more Members in the News!  Tell us about your moments in the news by submitting the online form at the bottom of the website.

Award Winning Members

Casey Campbell, MS, RD, LD received the 2011 Oklahoma Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Television Spot Award and the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Grace Spivey Professional Development Award.

Saraswathi Chandramouli is an MS student at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and a student member of ADA.  She placed second in the Laura K. Savage Oklahoma state wide poster contest for 2011 and was recently honored.

Kimberly Davis-Coniglio, MS, RD, CSSD, LD is now a board certified specialist in sports dietetics (CSSD)!

Micki Hall, MS, RD, LD CDE was a speaker for the Merck “Journey for Control” Outreach program. She was one of five educators in the state of Oklahoma asked to participate as a speaker for the Journey for Control Outreach program. This program offers small groups of patients with no ability to pay for services to have at least one group class provided by an educator regarding how to manage their diabetes.

Patti Landers, PhD, RD, LD was recently named Vice Chair of the ADA Evidence-Based Practice Committee for 2011-2012. That means she will serve as chair the following year.  She was also elected as chair-elect of the Dietetic Educators of Practitioners DPG for 2011-2012.

Diana Romano, MS, RD/LD works with OSU extension.  They belong to a State organization of Family and Consumer Sciences Educators, OEAFCS. As members we can apply for monetary awards to do programs with the community or to attend our national conference: NEAFCS.   This year, Diana received the Norma Braumbaugh Scholarship and the OEAFCS Past President's Professional Development Award.  She also received a recognition award, called the New Professional Award, for her work with Farm to You.

Read more about these award-winning members or share your own awards on our Award Winning Members website.

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