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New ODA Webinar Series

The Oklahoma Dietetic Association will host four educational webinars for members this year! Each webinar will cost $10 per person and will offer 1.0 hour of CPE credit. Members will be able to register for each webinar on the ODA website.  Members can listen to the live as they are being broadcast.  Each webinar will also be recorded and will be available for members to listen to for two months after the date they originally occurred.  Don't miss our upcoming webinar, Innovative Approaches to Clinical Practices with Minority Populations, on August 31, 2011 at 12:00 PM.

Learn more about the ODA Webinar Series>>

ODA Reception at FNCE

ODA will not host an official reception at FNCE this year, since there will be fewer members attending in San Diego. Instead, the ODA President would like to host a get-together at a near-by restaurant for the members that do attend.

If you are attending FNCE and would enjoy visiting with other ODA members who are also in San Diego, please contact the ODA Central Office. The ODA President would like to get an idea of how many people to expect.

RSVP for the ODA Get-Together at FNCE>>

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2011 Fall Symposium

Nutrition Expert...  We Have An App For That!
October 21, 2011
Mercy Health Center
Oklahoma City, OK

The symposium program will include presentations from the Oklahoma Eating Disorders Association, the Regional Food Bank, and the Culinary Institute. Additional topics include bariatric nutrition, carb-counting/insulin management, and generational differences in the workforce. A complete program schedule, speaker information, and registration will be available soon.

Learn more about the 2011 Fall Symposium>>

Fee Changes for Posting Job Advertisements on ODA Website

The following fee changes for placing a job advertisement on the Oklahoma Dietetic Association website will take effect on September 1, 2011:

  • 1 month listing: $50
  • 3 month listing: $100
  • 1 year listing: $250

This does not affect job advertisements posted prior to September 1, 2011.

Fee Changes for Prior-Approval of Activities for CPEs

ODA charges a fee to organizations and companies who wish to have their events approved for CPE credit.  (ODA districts/DPGs are not required to pay for CPE approval.)  Effective September 1, 2011, all current fees will increase by $5 each.  The NEW fees are listed below. 

  • Approval for event with 1-5 CPE hours:  $25
  • Approval for event with 6-10 CPE hours: $35
  • Approval for event with 11-15 CPE hours:$45
  • Approval for event with 16+ CPE hours: $55

Learn more about obtaining prior approval of CPEs for activities and events>>

Changes Planned for ODA Cookbook

At their Strategic Planning Workshop held on April 29-30, 2011, the board members suggested that ODA no longer pursue the cookbook project due to an insufficient number of recipes.  Instead, they proposed the creation of a recipe database on the ODA website, as well as a web form for members to submit additional recipes online.  If ODA eventually accumulates enough recipes, the board could reconsider a cookbook at that time.  The Board of Directors approved this proposal at the June meeting.

Oklahoma Nutrition Manual to be Published Soon

The thirteenth edition of the Oklahoma Nutrition Manual will be published this fall.  Thank you to all the members that have authored and reviewed sections of the manual!  Members and facilities will be able to reserve their copies soon.

Passing of Former Member

Tammy Heyman passed away Saturday, July 23, 2011. She was a former member of the American Dietetic Association and the Oklahoma Dietetic Association. She was also President of Highteck Nutrition and Consulting. View information about her memorial on the Cardaras Funeral Home website. Visit The Logan Daily News website to view her obituary.

Results of First Ever Kids Eat Right Affiliate Challenge

ODA participated in the first ever Kids Eat Right Affiliate Challenge by recruiting members to be Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers. At the beginning of the challenge, there were 7 members signed up. At the end of the Affiliate Challenge, Oklahoma had 35 Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers. Based on % of members for our state, we ranked #6 in the Affiliate Challenge. Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Vermont and West Virginia had the highest percent of Kids Eat Right Campaign Volunteers and were the winners of the challenge.

News from Your Board Members

President's Message
Amanda Jones, MBA, RD, LD

ODA’s Mission is to empower ODA members to be Oklahoma’s food and nutrition leaders.  A simple statement that carries so much weight and meaning.  Our mission is our guiding force, and the ODA board has been working diligently on the strategic plan to be able to deliver on our mission.  Over the coming year exciting changes will be taking place inside our organization to help us, ODA dietitians, be recognized as the unmistakable leaders in food and nutrition in Oklahoma.

This past year we surveyed our membership and listened to your feedback to help guide us towards a better organization.  Thank you for completing the survey and sharing your thoughts.  We learned a wealth of information and have been able to tailor our strategic plan to better meet your needs for professional growth and development to empower you. 

From your feedback, three main goals for the 2011-2012 year were chosen: 

  • The public trusts and chooses registered dietitians as food and nutrition experts.
  • ODA improves the health of Oklahomans.
  • Members and prospective members view ODA/ADA as key to professional success.

With our mission, values, and goals aligned with ADA we will be able to achieve these goals to meet your professional needs and provide service to our great state! 

We are driven to move forward and change as not only the healthcare environment changes but as media continues to evolve and the knowledge base of the consumer grows.  We want you to be part of this significant moment in ODA.  If you are interested in becoming part of building a better organization we want your expertise.  Contact me or the ODA central office and volunteer!

We are moving, moving forward, and I am so excited to be given the opportunity to be part of this change!   Thank you for empowering me and giving me the chance to serve as your ODA President- this is going to be a great year for ODA!

Benefit$ for your Buck

Sharon Wheeler, MS, RD, LD

Have you heard, ODA has at least one new benefit for your buck?  Webinars are offered at a reduced price to help you get your continuing education credit hours.  The webinars are being offered through the ODA Webinar Series, as well as through Discounted Webinars from Becky Dorner.  Various topics will be announced for you to participate in throughout the upcoming year.   

Another benefit for your buck is the ability to network at Fall Symposium and Spring Convention.  You learn what is happening in a job area that you may want more experience in or the ability to meet new dietitians.  ODA surveyed the members for a list of wants and needs are addressing these issues through the planning process that took place this last spring with help from the American Dietetic Association.  Through this Strategic Planning initiative new ideas will be presented.  We want to make ODA “the go-to” organization for all nutrition-related inquiries.   

We are currently having a membership drive, as ODA is participating in the Affiliate Membership Challenge.  So recruit a new member or get someone to renew their membership if they have let it lapse.  You can even win a 2013 FNCE registration and a 2012-2013 ADA Membership by participating in ADA's Promoter Program

Now is the time to learn about all the new plans and get your “benefits for your buck.”

ODA Member Updates

Award Winning Members

Here are a few of our members who have received awards and recognition for their expertise and contribution to nutrition and the dietetics profession.

Lisette Coston, MBA, RD, LD - Treasurer for Association of Healthcare Foodservice
Marianne Wetherill, MPH, RD, LD - CDR Doctoral Scholarship
Lisette Coston, MBA, RD, LD - 2010 Illuminating Excellence Award
Kathy Wilson-Gold, MS, RD, LD - John Cabot Award
Lisette Coston, MBA, RD, LD - Leadership Tulsa
Deana Hildebrand, PhD, RD, LD, SNS - Champions of Health Award

Read more about these award-winning members or share your own awards on our
Award Winning Members website.

Members in the News

ODA members are making headlines everyday! Here are a few that shared their news with us...

Kristina Duty - Fighting Childhood Obesity
Lisette Coston - Expertise in Expansion
Sloan Taylor - Energy Drinks and Adolescents
Deborah Taylor - School Nutrition Association
Kalli Castille - Summertime & Nutrition
Diana Romana - Latina Style Magazine
Kristina Duty - OEDA Newsletter
Jasmyn Walker - Tulsa's CTCA fights cancer on all fronts
Jason Stevens - Spring Sun: Use Responsibly
Rosemary Yurczyk - Successful Diabetes Screening

Visit the ODA website to read more about these and more
Members in the News! Tell us about your moments in the news by submitting the online form at the bottom of the website.

Member Announcements

Have you visited the ODA website recently to see our announcements for ODA Members Only? Here's what you'll see:

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Fifty Year Members Recognized at Awards Reception
Spreads Nutrition Newsletter
New Vitamin D & Calcium Recommendations
Health Professionals and Educators (HPE) eCommunity

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News from ADA

Are you up to date on all the news from ADA? Here are some recent announcements:

ADA Evidence Analysis Library® Announces New Project
Promote ADA to Win: 2011-2012 Promoter Program through September 1
Looking for a Mentor?
Show the World Who the Food and Nutrition Experts Are through Sharecare
Journal iPad Promotion
New ADA Associate Category
Dietary Managers Association Changes Name to Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals
Healthy Breakfast Toolkit and Mini-Grant Announcement
ADA Hosts Licensure Forum
Nutrition and Dietetics Scientist Position at ADA
Summer Food Service Program Contest
Call For Potential Authors, Reviewers, and Content Advisors
Spread the Word about Food Day
nutritionDay - Important Announcement  

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